3 Way Solenoid Air Control Valve


3 Way Solenoid Air Control Valve

3 way 2 position and normally closed. Lightweight and compact. Standard port sizes: M5, G1/8


The 3 Way Solenoid air control valves are designed to be shifted by means of an electrical solenoid. They feature solenoid/spring actuators with rugged construction and excellent flow rates.

Valves are with compact design so it can be connected directly to the cylinder port.

Use in pneumatic valve applications such as packaging, food processing, material handling, woodworking, and assembly.


1.3 way 2 position actuated valve

2.Easy mounting design

3.Direct acting normally closed

4.Multiple methods to install


Medium: Compressed and filtered air, no need lubricated

Port size: M5, G1/8

Working pressure: 1.5…8 bar

Standard voltage: DC12V, DC24V, AC24V, AC110V, AC220V

Electrical connection: DIN (standard), lead wire

3V1 ordering code