AR2000 Pneumatic Air Pressure Regulator


AR2000 Pneumatic Air Pressure Regulator

AR2000 Pneumatic Air Pressure Regulator is a hot sale model because of light and compact also good quality and price. 1/4 inch port size



Product Introduction

AR2000 Pneumatic Air Pressure Regulator is a hot sale model.

Because it is light and a short body can serve different compressors and machines also its good quality and price can help you to keep a good cost.

The pressure regulator keep the air pressure stable, which can reduce the damage to the components such as the valve or the actuator when the air pressure changes suddenly.


1. Light and compact body, easy to install and use

2. Press-in self-locking design can prevent the setting pressure from being disturbed by external interference.

3. 100% tested products ensure good quality

4. competitive price

Products Parameter

AR/BR Series Air Pressure Regulator
Model AR1500 AR2000 BR2000 BR3000 BR4000
Working medium AIR
Port size G1/8 G1/4 G1/4 G3/8 G1/2
Adjusting pressure range 0.05~0.85Mpa
Max.Adjusting pressure 0.95Mpa
Guaranteed.pressure 1.5Mpa
Working temperature 5~60°C
Filter bowl capacity 25(CC) 90(CC)
Weight 0.2kg 0.23kg
Material of Body Aluminum   Die-castng Forming

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