DN 5.5 Quick Couplings


DN 5.5 Quick Couplings

Straight shape; Brass material; High temperature and corrosion resistance.


DN 5.5 quick couplings offer high flow and require only a low connection force, which

ensures a safe working environment. It is a one hand operated safety coupling that vents

before disconnection eliminating the risk of hose whip.

A fully automatic operation ensures quick and easy handling.


Materials: Brass

Temperature range: -20°C to +100°C

Operating pressure: 0 – 35 bar, as well as low vacuum



These quick connect couplings with ARO / ORION profile NW 5.5 are mainly used in Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. Despite looking similar to the coupling sockets widely used in Germany of nominal width 7.2, these couplings are not compatible with them!


Compatible with:

ARO (210), ORION (44510), Cejn (300), Rectus (14, 22), JWL (512, 522, 523, 572)

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