Air Preparation Categories

A typical air preparation system includes filters, regulators and lubricators (usually called as FRL). Each unit can be used as combined or separated according to the requirement of system.

They are the key parts in preparing the compressed air to protect the pneumatic components and ensure their proper operation. It should be taken into account when designing pneumatic systems.

Unqualified FRL will cause gas circuit failure or even damage to the machine. JXPC is committed to creating the best cost-effective products, providing high-quality FRL that meet market requirements and reduce production costs for customers.


4Z Series FRL

  • 4Z series oil filter (0.01 micron)
  • 4Z series air filter (5 micron)
  • 4Z series air filter regulator (40 micron)
  • 4Z series air regulator (maximum pressure 450 psi)
  • 4Z series lubricator (mist/micro mist)
  • 4Z series FR.L unit (2 combination)
  • 4Z series FRL unit (3 combination)
  • NPT1/8″ – NPT2″


JO Series FRL

  • JO series air filter
  • JO series air regulator
  • JO series air filter regulator
  • JO series lubricator
  • JO series FR.L unit (2 combination)
  • JO series FRL unit (2 combination)
  • 40 micron as standard
  • 16 bar max. working pressure
  • G1/8″ – G1″, M5


 JA Series FRL

  • JA series air filter
  • JA series air regulator
  • JA series air filter regulator
  • JA series lubricator
  • JA series FR.L unit (2 combination)
  • JA series FR.L unit (3 combination)
  • 40 micron as standard
  • 10 bar max. working pressure
  • G1/8″ – G1″, M5


A/B Series FRL

  • A/B series air filter
  • A/B series air regulator
  • A/B series air filter regulator
  • A/B series lubricator
  • A/B series FR.L unit (2 combination)
  • A/B series FR.L unit (3 combination)
  • 40 micron as standard
  • 9.5 bar max. working pressure
  • G1/4″ – G1/2″


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