JMPB Series Brass Push-In Fitting Branch Tee Type


JMPB Series Brass Push-In Fitting Branch Tee Type

The main material of JMPB series brass push-in fitting is brass,compare to JPB series plastic push-in fitting, it is more applicable for the pneumatic system that request higher anti-impact or corrosion resistance.


Standard diameters(tubing)

ø 4 -6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 – 16 mm


BSPP(M5,M6, G1/8, G1/4, G3/8, G1/2)

BSPT(R1/8,R1/4,R3/8,R1/2)(make to order)

NPT(N1/8, N1/4, N3/8, N1/2)(make to order)

Tube to connect

Polyamide (PA) 6 – 11 – 12, Polyurethane (PU), Polyethylene (PE), hytrel Polyester

Materials – standard models: body and collet in nickel-plated brass, O-Ring in NBR thread

Seals in PTFE or NBR


Fluid Type Air Vacuum
Operating Pressure 0~1.0Mpa
Max. Pressure 1.5Mpa
Operating Temperature 0~60℃
Applicable Tube PU/ Nylon and Polyurethane
Swivel Tee BSPT(Tapper 55°) Swivel Tee   Metric&G
(Parrelle 55°)
O/D Tube BSPT Thread Branch tee Metric & G   Thread Branch tee
4 M5 JMPB04-M5
6 M5 JMPB06-M5
4 M6 JMPB04-M6
6 M6 JMPB06-M6
4 R1/8 JMPB04-R01 G1/8 JMPB04-G01
6 R1/8 JMPB06-R01 G1/8 JMPB06-G01
8 R1/8 JMPB08-R01 G1/8 JMPB08-G01
10 R1/8 JMPB10-R01 G1/8 JMPB10-G01
4 R1/4 JMPB04-R02 G1/4 JMPB04-G02
6 R1/4 JMPB06-R02 G1/4 JMPB06-G02
8 R1/4 JMPB08-R02 G1/4 JMPB08-G02
10 R1/4 JMPB10-R02 G1/4 JMPB10-G02
12 R1/4 JMPB12-R02 G1/4 JMPB12-G02
6 R3/8 JMPB06-R03 G3/8 JMPB06-G03
8 R3/8 JMPB08-R03 G3/8 JMPB08-G03
10 R3/8 JMPB10-R03 G3/8 JMPB10-G03
12 R3/8 JMPB12-R03 G3/8 JMPB12-G03
6 R1/2 JMPB06-R04 G1/2 JMPB06-G04
8 R1/2 JMPB08-R04 G1/2 JMPB08-G04
10 R1/2 JMPB10-R04 G1/2 JMPB10-G04
12 R1/2 JMPB12-R04 G1/2 JMPB12-G04
Swivel Tee NPT (Tapper 60°)
NPT Thread O/D Tube Branch tee
N1/8 5/32 JMPB5/32-N01
N1/8 3/16 JMPB3/16-N01
N1/8 1/4 JMPB1/4-N01
N1/8 5/16 JMPB5/16-N01
N1/8 3/8 JMPB3/8-N01
N1/8 1/2 JMPB1/2-N01
N1/4 5/32 JMPB5/32-N02
N1/4 3/16 JMPB3/16-N02
N1/4 1/4 JMPB1/4-N02
N1/4 5/16 JMPB5/16-N02
N1/4 3/8 JMPB3/8-N02
N1/4 1/2 JMPB1/2-N02
N3/8 1/4 JMPB1/4-N03
N3/8 5/16 JMPB5/16-N03
N3/8 3/8 JMPB3/8-N03
N3/8 1/2 JMPB1/2-N03
N1/2 1/4 JMPB1/4-N04
N1/2 5/16 JMPB5/16-N04
N1/2 3/8 JMPB3/8-N04
N1/2 1/2 JMPB1/2-N04


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