Plastic Tube Connector Y Splitter 3 Way Pneumatic Fitting


Plastic Tube Connector Y Splitter 3 Way Pneumatic Fitting

This Y type connector is used to separate air-line into branch lines which in the same direction, and also it can used to gather two air-line into one line.



1.We had used qualified O-ring for seal part, without any leakage problem.

2.The stainless steel’s claw would grip air hose tightly


Plastic tube connector Y   splitter 3 way pneumatic fitting
Fluid Air( No other gases or liquids)
Operating Pressure 0-150PSI 0-9.9Kgf/cm² ( 0-990KPa)
Motion Pattern -29.5in Hg -750mm Hg(-750 Torr)
Effective sectional area 32-140°F 0-60°C
Applicable Tube Polyurethane and Nylon

Center Branch

O/D Tube
5/32 JPY5/32
3/16 JPY3/16
1/4 JPY1/4
5/16 JPY5/16
3/8 JPY3/8
1/2 JPY1/2
4 JPY04
6 JPY06
8 JPY08
10 JPY10
12 JPY12
14 JPY14
16 JPY16

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