Rotating Air Cylinder


Rotating Air Cylinder

1. Bore size(mm): 10, 20, 30, 50.
2. Double piston, Compact, Rack & Pinion style rotary actuator.
3. Rotating angle: 0 to 190°.


MSQ series rotary table pneumatic cylinder are easy mounting of work piece, with large rolling element bearing.


1. Bore size(mm): 10, 20, 30, 50.

2. Double piston, Compact, Rack & Pinion style rotary actuator.

3. Rotating angle: 0 to 190°.

4. Angle adjustment is possible.

5. A wide variety of types and broad size variations.


Bore size(mm) 10 20 30 50
Fluid Air
Action Double acting
Minimum operating pressure Basic type 0.1 MPa
High precision type 0.2 MPa 0.1 MPa
Maximum operating pressure With adjustment bolt 1.0 MPa
With internal shock absorber 0.6 MPa
Ambient and fluid temperature 0 to 60°C (No freezing)
Cushion Adjustable air cushion at both ends/Internal shock absorber
Lubrication Non-lube
Angle adjustment range 0 to 190°
Maximum rotation 190°
Auto Swith(Option) Solide state switch(3-wire, 2-wire)
Port Size End ports M5x0.8 1/8
Side ports M5x0.8

Size BK PA
1 5.3 M3 x 0.5
2 7.5 M3 x 0.5
3 9.5 M3 x 0.5
7 7 M5 x 0.8

Rotation Direction And Rotation Angle

Rotation Range Example

No. Description Material Note
1 Body Aluminum alloy Anodized
2 Cover Aluminum alloy Anodized
3 Plate Aluminum alloy Chromoted
4 Seal NBR
5 End cover Aluminum alloy Anodized
6 Piston Stainless steel
7 Pinion Chrome molybdenum steel
8 Hexagon nut Steel wire Nickel plated
9 Adjustment bolt Steel wire Nickel plated
10 Cushion pad Size: 3,7 Rubber material
11 Table Aluminum alloy Anodized
12 Bearing retainer Aluminum alloy Anodized
13 Magnet Chromoted
14 Wear ring Resin
15 Piston seal NBR
16 Deep groove ball bearing Bearing steel
17 Deep groove ball bearing Basic type Bearing steel
Special Bearing High precision type
18 Round head phillips screw No. 0 Basic type Size:1 ~ 3 Steel wire Nickel plated
Round head philips screw Size: 7 Nickel plated
Round head philips screw High pressure type Nickel plated
19 Round head Philips screw No. 0 Steel wire Nickel plated
20 Hexagon socket head set bolt Stainless steel
21 Parallel pin Carbon steel
22 Seal washer NBR
23 Hexagon socket head set screw Stainless steel
24 O-ring NBR

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