1/4 Inch FRL Unit For Air Compressor


1/4 Inch FRL Unit For Air Compressor

AC2010-02 filter regulator and lubricator unit with pressure gauge 1/4 inch port size manual drain


Product Introduction

AC2010-02 is a hot sale model in various FRL Unit (the combination of water separator, pressure regulator and lubricator).

It is 1/4 inch port size and compact body and made by aluminum material.

The filter element is 25 micron in standard but you can choose 5 micron. They are both made by brass.

The drain type is manual in standard but you can choose automatic.

Products Parameter

JAC1010-5010 Series Air Filter Combination (FRL Unit)
Model JAC1010 JAC2010 JAC3010 JAC4010 JAC5010
Guaranteed.pressure reistance 1.5MPa
Max.Working Pressure 1.0MPa
Working Temperature  5~60℃
Filter precision 25 micron (5 micron is optional)
Recommended Oil Turbine No.1 oil ISOVG32
Bowl material Polycarbonate
Bowl guard None Available
Pressure Adjusting Range 0.05~0.7MPa 0.05~0.85MPa
Drain Function Differential Drain (Automatic drain is optional)
Valve type With overflow

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