3M Series 3 Way 2 Position Solenoid Control NAMUR Valve


3M Series 3 Way 2 Position Solenoid Control NAMUR Valve

The function of a NAMUR solenoid valve is to control media flow: the valve itself is controlled by an electric solenoid, which opens or closes the valve, by controlling the amount of air–via a pilot–to the pneumatic actuator. A pneumatic actuator converts energy–compressed air–into motion. The solenoid and actuator work in tandem to control flow speed, flow amount, and flow direction. Likewise, the valve is operated in either the normally closed, or normally open position.


Solenoid valves are available in several configurations, including 3 way and 4 way. A 3 way solenoid valve typically consists of 1 inlet, 1 outlet, and 1 exhaust port, and 2 seats for fluid control. A 4 way solenoid valve utilizes 4 or more ports (2 inlets, 1 outlet, 2 exhausts and 4 seats), and are commonly applied for operating double acting rack and pinion actuators.



1.Internally piloted structure.

2.Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction, low start pressure and long service life.

3.Install in the side plate with the surface upward, which can be used by directly connecting with the actuators.

4.Several standard voltage grades are optional.


Sol/Spring   NC Sol/Sol Body   type Port   size Flow(l/min) Sectional   area Working   pressure Action   type Protective&Insulation   class Activate   times
3M210-06 3M220-06 200 G1/8 1100 14mm(CV=0.78) 1.5-8 bar Pilot   type IP65   class F <0.05s
3M210-08 3M220-08 200 G1/4 1300 16mm(CV=0.89)
3M310-08 3M320-08 300 G1/4 1850 25mm(CV=1.4)
3M310-10 3M320-10 300 G3/8 2000 30mm(CV=1.68)
3M410-15 3M420-15 400 G1/2 2750 50mm(CV=2.79)