Aluminum Body Pulse Solenoid Valve


Aluminum Body Pulse Solenoid Valve

Pulse valve with solenoid actuated; Kinds of options of voltage; Orifice ranges from 20mm to 76mm; Aluminum body material


JMF type pulse solenoid valve is a right angle valve, the angle between the import and export is 90°. It is suitable for the installation and connection of air bag and dust collector blow pipe. Smooth airflow, can provide the required dust removal pulse.



1. Used for dust remover;

2. Key parts all made from imported materials;

3. 100% leakage testing under low pressure and high pressure.



Working medium: clean air;

Working pressure: 3~8 bar;

Ambient temperature: -5~55°C;

Relative air humidity: <85%

Optional voltage: AC110V, AC220V, DC24V;

Diaphragm life cycle: over 1 million cycles;

Orifice: 50 mm/ 62 mm/ 76 mm