4V Series 4V230P-08 Solenoid Control Valve


4V Series 4V230P-08 Solenoid Control Valve

Product Introduction Plastic Female Elbow PLF One Touch Fitting Feature: 1. It’s very easy to connect tube by only one touch, it is suitable for PU and Nylon Tube 2. Metal part is brass material and nickel plated, the Teflon treatment is used for all threads. 3. Stainless steel grab ring will…


Product Introduction

4V230P-08: 4V series control valve, three position five way with double head three position pressure type. It’s applicable in many fields: Irrigation controls (garden, farm, etc.), liquid controls (pipeline, artificial river etc. and air controls (lab, factory, etc.)


1.Affiliated manual devices are equipped to facilitate installation and debugging

2.Internal hole adopts special processing technology which has little attrition friction. Low start pressure and long service life.

3.Standard Voltage of AC or DC both available.


4V200 Series Solenoid   Valve, Pneumatic Control Valve
Model 4V230C-08 4V230E-08 4V230P-08
4A230C-08 4A230E-08 4A230P-08
Position and Way NO. Three-position Five-way
Effective Sectional Area 12mm²(CV=0.67)
Port Size Air inlet=Air Outlet=G1/4′   Exhaust=G1/8″
Working Medium Air (40Micron Filtered)
Acting Type Inner Guide Type
Working Pressure 0.15~0.8MPa
Max. Pressure Resistance 1.2MPa
Working Temperature 5~50°C
Voltage Range ±10%
Power Consumption AC:5.5VA    DC:4.8W
Insulation & Protection Class F Class. IP 65
Wiring Form Lead wire or Connector type
Max. Frequency 5 Cycle/Sec
Shortest Activate Time

4V230P-08 DETAIL