RE Series Flow Control Valve


RE Series Flow Control Valve

RE series flow control valve


Product Introduction

RE Series flow control valve has the adjustable rotary knob to regulate the flow rate manually. With G1/8”, G1/4”, G3/8” and G1” female thread can connect with fittings and tubes easily.

Model RE-01 RE-02 RE-03 RE-04
Port size G1/8″ G1/4″ G3/8″ G1/2″
Working medium Air
Operating pressure 0…9.5   bar
Ambient temperature 0…60   ℃


Code Port size Operating pressure(bar)
RE-06 G1/8 0.5…9.5
RE-08 G1/4 0.5…9.5
RE-10 G3/8 0.5…9.5
RE-15 G1/2 0.5…9.5